Diven by law

Sanctus Ivo erat Brito
Advocatus et non latro
Res miranda populo

Šventasis Yvas buvo bretonas
Advokatas ir ne plėšikas –
Tai žmonėms kelia nuostabą


Law firm Černius, Kabašinskas, Norkūnas provides legal services and implements legal solutions in the area of business law to Lithuanian and foreign clients.

Experienced professional lawyers are guided by the highest customer service standards and clients’ needs. Yves lawyers pace clients’ interests above all, and tasks commissioned to them are implemented promptly and creatively, and each case is considered individually rather than from a standard legal point of view. The firm offers how to achieve most economically effective and efficient solutions while applying only lawful means. The main values adhered to in the activities of Yves include professionalism, loyalty to the client’s needs, confidentiality and creativity.

For clients operating in the areas of finance, industry, trade, transport, real estate and others, Yves offers careful and attentive service which they can expect from a leading business law firm.

Yves cooperates with legal professionals of the Baltic states, Nordic countries, and other foreign countries and, therefore, can protect the interests of its clients or organise provision of legal services outside Lithuania.

 origin of the name

Saint Ivo of Kermartin, also known under his Latin name as Yvo (Brittany, France, 17 October 1253 – 19 May 1303), is the patron of lawyers and also the patron of abandoned children and Brittany.

Born in a Catholic minor aristocracy family, Yvo grew godly. In 1267 he was sent to the University of Paris to study civil law. In 1277 Yvo went to Orléans, where he graduated in canon law. On his return to Brittany he was appointed “official”, or ecclesiastical judge, of the archdeanery of Rennes (1280). Here he studied Scripture, and there are strong reasons for holding that he joined the Franciscan Tertiaries sometime later at Guingamp. He was soon invited by the Bishop of Tréguier to become his “official”, and accepted the offer (1284). Having been ordained in 1285 he worked as a priest and legal adviser at the parish of Tredrez and eight years later to Louannee.

By his charity he gained the title of advocate and patron of the poor – he refused to take money or gifts from poor people, defended orphans, widows, the needy and the weak against various injustices.

Ivo was canonised in 1347 by Pope Clement VI.

The lawyers of the law firm Yves who inscribed the honourable name of the Saint in their own law firm’s name are inspired by the life and work of the patron of lawyers.