Diven by law

Complex corporate legal services

Yves performs expert work so that to be able to offer the optimal solution to the clients while selecting the most effective model of legal services meeting the client’s needs – outsource, employees hired on the basis of employment relations, or division of functions in the event of a mixed model.

The law firm can become the legal department of an entity and be in charge of resolving all legal issues that arise in the activities of the entity. The broad specialisation of Yves lawyers ensures that the client will be rendered high-quality legal services on all basic legal issues encountered by entities participating in business, their management and shareholders.

When the law firm is engaged for resolving legal issues, cost saving is also guaranteed. Usually clients evaluate the following economic advantages compared to hiring an employee legal expert:

  • Broad competence that is not limited to legal knowledge of a single individual;
  • Confidentiality protection entrenched in law and professional activities civil liability insurance;
  • Predictable and stable costs (upon adaption of pricing);
  • Recovery of incurred costs by adjudging them (in the event of conducting cases in court);
  • The lawyers are not restricted by strict work and rest time conditions which ensures the provision of services in the cases of vacations or temporary disability;
  • Only value added tax needs to be paid, while other taxes are paid by the lawyer who provided the legal services and it does not form clients’ costs;
  • Simpler procedure for the replacement of the main legal expert in charge of the client.

If the client wishes so, Yves proposes the in-house lawyer instrument as a part of the complex client service solution. The candidacy of the proposed person should be acceptable to the client.